Norway 2006 - Hannah Streefkerk - Bokprojekt

Hannah Streefkerk
Norway 2006

Norway 2006 is a photo project made in Norway in the summer of 2006. Traveling through the country on my way to the Lofoten, I always carried my backpack with yarn with me. At places which I liked I carefully placed a yarn, took a photo, took the yarn away and continued with my travel. The yarn could be seen as the red yarn in my work.

Thread and yarn are recurring elements in my work, as are various traditional forms of craft such as embroidery and crocheting. Nobody could see this work on spot, the only left over is a photo book with all the 'alternative holiday pictures'. In my work I want to create dialogues between my audience and nature, and invite people to see and experience our surroundings in new ways.

The nine photos here in this showroom are only a few. In the book Norway 2006 there are about 50 pictures.