Kiertokulku - - MUJI Small Gallery

- 29 August 2021

Utställning med Sonja Löfgren-Birch, Inni Pärnänen och Irene Sema

MUJI Small Gallery, Kamppi, Helsingfors


At the MUJI small gallery three artists works come together around the theme of cycles. Each of the works probe the shifting forms of time, place and nature.

Inni Pärnänen's work is based on philosophical thinking of a whole created through the repetition of an element. The shifting proportions of her works and the search for a balance among the number of modular elements used, is an integral part of her process. Geometrical forms play an important visual role in her work. The repeated circle guides our perceptions and thoughts to shades of the sea and the sky. Stringing individual plywood shapes together one by one, the intricate works come together over a time consuming process. Her working process is also lead by observations of analogies found between man made structures and natural forms. Incorporating new and innovative technologies has increasingly become an important part of her practice. The technology she choses to use serves the materials and concepts of the work. In the series of works Kuutamo- Moonlight, the surfaces picturing light and shade hint at the position of the moon in relation to the sun. A single ray of light changes a circle into a three-dimensional sphere.

Irene Sema's exhibited video and jewellery works, focus on the shape of a circle and circular movement. In her works, she explores the principles of interaction between things and events. In her placement of pictures and observations she ponders theories and hypotheses that exist at the intersection of philosophy and physics. Her process of artistic research involves collecting and then re-assembling chains of images, while leaving room for interpretations.

Sonja Löfgren-Birch has been exploring the perception and experience of place for several years. In the series Vanishing Point she ties her experiences of different ocean views into one. Horizons exist all over the world yet they are united in a single line. There is a visually concrete vanishing point in a horizon, but the expression refers to wanderlust as well. Löfgren- Birch's primary technique is embroidery. One stitch after another the image comes to being on the cotton fabric.