Kristina Skantze Non Mythological Creatures - Fiberspace Gallery

Kristina Skantze
Non Mythological Creatures
- 30 March 2019

Kristina Skantze sculpts human-like fabric beings through careful and persistent hand stitching. The seams that shape the body parts are important and appear as lines, scars stretching the skin of cloth. Textile flesh shaped by millions of visible and invisible stitches, subdued pastel silk jersey and polyester padding. Experiences are sewn into the bodies, into the artist’s own bodily memory as well as into the limbs of the figures. Visible but secretive, shaping their individual personalities. Distorted bodies have always fascinated Kristina. In the project Non-Mythological Creatures she is searching for new shapes and expressions through mixing human and animal features. What kind of emotions can be recognised in these creatures? Are they part of our world or do they exist in their own time and space?