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Supermarket Art Fair 2023 /Galleri Lokomotiv
- 14 May 2023

Supermarket Art Fair 2023

Margareta Klingberg och Kerstin Lindström medverkar i Galleri Lokomotivs monter på Supermarket Art Fair 2023 tillsammans med Linus Krantz, grafik. Curator: Maria Sundström

Margareta Klingberg has met contemporary flows of migrants in her neighborhood in Northern Sweden. She has followed sesonal migrant-workers from Thailand and Poland as they harvest wild berries in Nordic forest land. Since 2015 her documentary rendition reflects daily life among asylum-seekers from Afghanistan and refugees from today’s Ukraine.

Kerstin Lindström interest reveals around places that have a strong connection to the ground. Some are dense, concentrated, overgrown. Others carry the imprint of past activities. The choise of colours and material is crucial.

Supermarket Art Fair

11-14 maj

torsdag-lördag 12.00-20.00

söndag 12.00-18.00